Google, what’s really here!

Date: 20 Jun, 2009
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Find out what’s really near a place/ Google Map location, sights to see, businesses and points of interest. Top tip!

Find what’s nearby with Google?

Google’s “What’s Here” feature doesn’t tell you what you think it’s going to (though TechCrunch don’t appear to have noticed!). No, it’s not a list of local points of interest, not even local businesses. Nope it tells you the address of the object in focus on your Google Map.

This Address != What’s Here

It’s just a mis-labelling. I can see it’s kinda useful.

How to really do it – what’s really here

click a marker to bring up the menu

click a marker to bring up the menu

find "search nearby" and search for "*"

find "search nearby" and search for "*"

places nearby are listed

places nearby are listed

  • Find yourself a location via a search on Google Maps, eg Charles Street, Newport (UK)
  • Click the point marker to bring up options
  • Click “Search nearby” and enter “*” as your search term; i.e. do a wildcard search.
  • Profit! Find places near to that marker point, all listed nicely and shown on the map. Very useful.

Example map, try it!

View Larger Map

Code monkeys short method

The short-hand method is to do a search for, e.g., “* loc:Eiffel Tower” (without quotes). Have fun.

2 Responses to "Google, what’s really here!"

Percy Machado says:

Nice, very usefull tip.

But, Is there a way to list just the streets nearby?


admin says:

@Percy, yes there is. If you click that link for the Eiffel Tower above you’ll notice that if you zoom in the list of places on the left changes to only include those places shown on the map (or possibly those local to the map area, not tested exactly). The tighter you zoom the more refined the list becomes – I zoom in with my mouse scroll-wheel. Very handy.


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