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Date: 28 Jul, 2014
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New puzzle game

GameAboutSquares level 23; starting positionIf you like puzzles and enjoyed the recent “2048” craze as I did then you’ll probably like this – Game About Squares from Andrey Shevchuk. It’s been likened to Sokoban by some, that may or may not excite your neurons. Either way it’s a curious diversion that should last you at least one lunch break.


I’ve created a couple of walkthrough videos for levels 0-10 and 11-20 inclusive. More might follow … let’s see how I get on!


If you or anyone doubted the author’s geek credentials then you’d only need to look so far as the game’s statistics page to ascertain that this guy is the real deal!

3 Responses to "Game About Squares"

P. Pooperson says:

Thank you so much for posting a walk-through so quickly! Last night I was stuck on a bunch of them and could have really done with some help like this- I managed to figure it out myself but it would have been much nicer with some help! :)

When will you be posting 20+? I am stuck on level 26 now :(

Max says:

Great game with simple but addictive gameplay. Keep going [Editor: this link is to an alternate squares game].

Vanesa says:

Hello, I just wanna ask you if there is a walkthrough 10-20 on ‘Squares & Dots’, because I’m stuck on 18 level.
Thank you


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