Export to Facebook – Digikam workaround

Date: 16 Jun, 2013
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How to make Digikam’s built-in Facebook upload work again.

Digikam/KIPI plugin Facebook export

Error due to bug

Digikam photo management project

There’s a bug (319252) in the latest KIPI plugins – which Digikam and others use for exporting photos to Facebook (FB). When you attempt to connect to your FB account usually you’re presented with a browser window with a URL that bears a session token. The URL is copy-pasted in to the Export to FB plugin.

The bug causes the URL to be:


which doesn’t have the necessary session token in it.

Success SECURITY WARNING: Please treat the URL above as you would your password and do not share it with anyone.

Note: I’m using Firefox 21 on Kubuntu 13.04 (Raring) with KDE 4.10.3; KIPI plugins 4:3.2.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu13.04~ppa1 and Digikam 4:3.2.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu13.04~ppa1

Fix problem with upload

The fix is very simple. I noticed that the title appeared to bear the token … and indeed it does but the page is a generated page and viewing source and page inspection (using web developer tools) doesn’t  give the title either, or not easily.

All you need to do though is check your history for the previous page URL.

History shows correct URL

This is the URL expected by the KIPI plugin. It’ll be something like:


When you copy and paste this in to the KIPI plugin dialog box everything should work as before.

Enter the URL from your browser in to the KIPI plugin dialog

Just left-click on “Start Upload” and … success!

FB upload success

It works for me. If it works for you too then please comment. Thanks.


12 Responses to "Export to Facebook – Digikam workaround"

John Green says:

Many thanks, worked for me. using openSuse 12.3 64bit and digiKam 3.2.0.

Daniel says:

Lots of thanks for this.
Works great for me

Kenny MacLeod says:

Worked for me, thanks.

Very few people must actually use these plugins otherwise there’d be many more complaints/queries on the internet!
It’s a shame that bugs like this can knobble decent programs like Gwenview & DigiKam for years. Frustrating and a little embarassing for us Linux users.

Thanks again for the workaround :-)

admin says:

The problem resides in the page that FB is returning. It includes some javascript:

that replaces the URL and history immediately after the page loads. This is apparently a security feature. Briefly looking it seems one needs to know the FB API and C++ and I’m not really on top of either of those. Oauth is a mystery to me so far. It sounds from what I’ve read like a particular redirect_uri is expected in the URL sent from digikam, and that URI is one set in the FB app. There’s no way to find that information publicly I don’t think.

Ramon Casero says:

Thanks, it works for me

saurabh says:

Worked for me by disabling javascript. See the answer of this question for details: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17266559/incorrect-url-without-an-access-token-for-facebook-login-using-rauth

jeawrong says:

Works for me, thanks for the solution ;)

putrani88@gmail.com says:

thank you very much,, it’s work for me :-) (y) (y) keep share! :-)

Russell says:

Thanks so much! It worked like a champ for me.

admin says:

No problem – kinda wish I had the nous to fix it for real though.

Colwyn says:

Worked. Thanks. digikam 2.5.0, xubuntu, chromium

Jonathan Dlouhy says:

Fantastic! This has been driving me nuts for a while now. Digikam 4.14.14 on Arch x86_64.
Thanks for figuring this out.


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