Don’t quesadillas have cheese in them?

Date: 15 Oct, 2008
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A post on ParentDish peeked my interest. It was a video about making quick quesadillas. But ew-yuck, those slices they put in there are something but they’re not cheese … In the UK they’re called Kraft Slices and are used on junk food where real cheese is considered too expensive. Incidentally one slice of processed cheese has 13% of an adults daily allowance of saturated fat, 10% of the salt allowance (USA FDA guidelines) and 1.5% (3g) of protein. Tesco’s (the largest UK supermarket, and retailer I think) calls their version “cheese food” and Kraft’s Dairylea Slices only contain 34% cheese – 17% of a childs daily saturated fat allowance – so using cheese would triple the protein provided. Hard cheese has about 20% of the daily allowance of saturated fat (it varies a lot), but it still wins as a protein source. Meanwhile tuna is 23% protein (about same for beef mince) and so by weight is 8 times more protein than that “cheese”.

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