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26 Sep, 2011

Install Safari 5.1 on Linux

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Following on from installing Safari 4 on Linux/Ubuntu here’s how to do things for Safari 5.1. If you have problems then check back there for steps, eg using WINEtricks, to aid installation. Install using WINE Download Go here. Done. Install Depending on your setup, open the app and WINE takes over and runs the Safari […]

On 17 and 19 May we visited London for work. Unfortunately we weren’t aware of the details of the London Congestion Charge scheme and have been issued with a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN). What is the Congestion Charge If you travel into central London (link to page with map of region) a charge is levied […]

Let people visit your site rather than be hijacked by Digg? Here’s how. All Digg links now are served within an IFRAME this code breaks out of the frames and leaves only your site there.

Following a question about Inkscape and support for cutting plotters by Cricut, , I’ve looked at some cutting software from SCAL ( ) and Cricut and am having a bit of a What-The-Flip moment. SCAL & Cricut plotting and cutting applications The Cricut cutting machines are apparently “serial” [ie RS232] with a USB to […]

Do you use skype for free voice-chat? My Brother-in-Law asked me recently if we use Skype. I wish people would stop asking me questions, causes me no end of bother ;0)> Anyway I’ve had the usual scout around to see what is going to fit best on my current system, these are the options so […]

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Google Calendar – Newport school term dates I’ve been getting acquainted with Google calendar and it’s features and to be honest I’m pretty impressed. For Barefoot Ceramics pottery painting studio I’ve created a Google calendar with Newport City Council school term dates (as taken from their website) up until 2010. Hopefully, having made this a […]


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