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Finding bookmarked and visited pages quickly in Firefox.

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Please see my previous post on installing software and stretching audio up to a billion times. Summary below. PaulStretch 101 Easy how to on music track stretching Download and install PaulStretch-2.0 software, it runs on MacOSX, Windows and Linux (via WINE). Run the application and choose a track via File > Open

Reducing HTTP requests by combining CSS files. @media in CSS how to combine CSS files So Google suggests to me that I combine my CSS files to save HTTP requests. How to do that? Joining print and normal stylesheets It’s quite easy when you have separate stylesheets (CSS) for print and regular styles to combine […]

Quick how-to, or at least how-I, for upgrading the Silverstripe open source CMS. Oh, one minor grip … it didn’t work FIXED. Silverstrip CMS upgrade (FAIL FIXED) Backup Of course you keep up to date backups so it goes without saying. But just in case you lose today’s data you should first backup your database […]

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First thoughts on new internet access speeds provided by fibre-to-the-premises. This is an enlarged version of a submission to HN. Incredible download speeds Dialup to broadband The move from dialup rates of 28.8kbs to ADSL (broadband) rates of 2Mbps changed the internet experience markedly from being largely static to allowing streaming video. It has also  […]

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A list of tools to create screencasts (screen capture videos) and screen captures as well as some online web page image capture tools and full screen screenshot apps. No-install screen cast applications Video of my screen

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