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Lower than possible MTU is suboptimal, higher is flaky and may break networking completely. How to find the right value? Just ping it? Simple command line Here’s a slightly time intensive way that uses a tool you should already have at hand, ping. ping -M do -c 8 -v -n -s 1464 Ping sends […]

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A regular computer users guide to backup in 2012: Clearly the answer lies in the cloud. That for most purposes means using one of Amazons backup services via a proxy service. We look at some of the most popular services priced from free and up.

Firefox sync Down for everyone or just me?! Firefox sync has been broken for me for the last 24 hours at least. Couple of useful links: general info on setting up sync for Firefox users. about:sync-log will open your local logs to check what’s happening. gives details how you can run a sync […]

Ideas are cheap Applying stickers in Background: is a new social image sharing website with a system called “stickers” by which users can tag different images. Currently stickers are applied by dragging and dropping an icon on to the image being stickered (i.e. tagged). Idea: have a keypress+click for attaching stickers – so […]

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I wanted to be able to see all the websites and review them as a whole so I made this list, some interesting sites there I’d not seen before. Time 50 best websites of 2011 Links all on one page Here are the first links in each category in the Time 50 Best Websites 2011 […]

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Some JavaScript resources, in particular JavaScript videos and interactive coding tutorials. Also listing the most popular books and online references as reported by developers. Learning JavaScript Interactive code writing lessons Eloquent JavaScript, an online resource for which there is also a printed book (UK book link). Learning Advanced Javascript from John Resig, part of the […]

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