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Date: 07 Sep, 2011
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Ideas are cheap

Applying stickers in

Background: is a new social image sharing website with a system called “stickers” by which users can tag different images. Currently stickers are applied by dragging and dropping an icon on to the image being stickered (i.e. tagged).


have a keypress+click for attaching stickers – so Q+LMBยน would be smile, W+LMB would be awful, E+LMB would be classy, etc., you have 3 blocks of 9 keys on a QWERTY keyboard allowing 27 different sticker types to be added in this way.

I realise one could make more blocks or size them larger (eg 1+LMB, 2+LMB) but I think the visual match of 3×3 blocks and the hand-eye-coordination works better this way.

Any thoughts welcome?

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