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If you’ve lost your star button used to make a bookmark in Firefox then here’s how to find it. Edit: similar issue with Win XP. Firefox bookmarks star is missing Where’s it gone!? I’m in the process of uploading a video howto but for now … [see end of post] Learn your hotkeys! It really […]

Firefox sync Down for everyone or just me?! Firefox sync has been broken for me for the last 24 hours at least. Couple of useful links: general info on setting up sync for Firefox users. about:sync-log will open your local logs to check what’s happening. gives details how you can run a sync […]

Finding bookmarked and visited pages quickly in Firefox.

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How to remove title bars and borders from windows in KDE[4]; this gives a Chrome browser like appearance to Opera and maximises screen area for any application. Turn off KDE title bar Keyboard shortcut Alt-F3, Advanced > No border. WIll remove the border and remove the titlebar from a KDE managed window.

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Solved: Fixes flickering flash videos (eg YouTube) in both Opera and Firefox


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